iPhone Lite

Nodes Of Yesod Lite is now available FREE from the Apple App Store!

FREE for iPhone and all iOS devices!
Welcome to the 25th Anniversary Edition of Nodes Of Yesod!


In this enhanced version of the classic 8-bit platform game, you will find the complete original game, along with an enhanced version containing new graphics, new gameplay features, new audio, music remixes, and more!

In this "lite" version, you can play both the Classic mode and Enhanced mode versions of the game contained in the full version.


Guide Astro Charlie through various moon caverns, defeating many monsters on your way. Collect 8 Alchiems to complete your quest!!!


* Classic mode, with original 8 bit graphics
* Enhanced mode featuring:
- Enhanced graphics
- Remixed music
- New game features
- Touch screen controls for movement
- Creep mode using tilt for fine tuned movement 


Upgrading to the full version of the game brings the following benefits:

Save/Resume Feature:
The full version of the game has a save/resume feature allowing you to save your progress. Game state is saved when you exit the app, so you can play in snippets when on the move and conveniently resume later.

Open Feint High Scores and Achievements:
The full version of the game features full Open Feint integration for high scores in both Classic and Enhanced mode, and achievements in Enhanced mode.

Map Mode:
The full version of the game features a useful map mode in the Enhanced game. The map is useful for charting progress, plus the location of your current task is indicated on the map

Help System:
The full version of the game features a full help system which when combined with the map mode makes it easier to figure out your current objective


Find the monolith, and help Astro Charlie escape from the moon!