Nodes Of Yesod 25th Anniversary Edition
Welcome to the 25th Anniversary Edition of Nodes Of Yesod! In this enhanced version of the classic 8-bit game, you will find the complete original game, along with an enhanced version containing new graphics,
new gameplay features, and more.

Your Mission
Guide Astro Charlie through various moon caverns, defeating many monsters on your way. Collect 8 Alchiems to complete your quest!!!


  • Astro Charlie

    • Walking Around
      Control Astro Charlie using the green on-screen joystick. Touch the joystick, and move it to the left to make Astro Charlie move left, and to the right to make him nove right.
    • Creep Mode
      Tilt your iPhone or iPad left or right to make Astro Charlie creep along. This can be useful when you need fine control during platform jumps.
    • Jumping
      Touch the red on-screen button to make Astro Charlie jump. Touch it while he is walking to the left to make him jump left, and likewise touch it while he is moving to the right to make him jump to the right.
    • Switch between Astro Charlie and Moon Mole
      Tap Astro Charlie to switch to controlling the Moon Mole (once it has been collected). The Moon Mole is only available underground. Move the Moon Mole back to Astro Charlie to switch back. Note that you can also switch back by tapping Astro Charlie a second time, but this will consume some of your precious energy.
    • Deploy Gravity Stick
      Once Gravity Sticks have been collected, they may be deployed by shaking the iPhone or iPod.
  • The Moon Mole

    Find him on the Moon's surface, then once below the ground, select the Moon Mole (as mentioned above) and move around the screen using the green joystick button. Use him to unlock the maze by chewing through certain walls. The Mole can only chew through certain walls - guide him to the base of each wall to try. The Moon Mole can also destroy most flying monsters.
Game Features
  • Alchiems

    Collect these colored crystals to unlock the secret of the Monolith. Follow the in-game help clues for more information.
  • Red Astro

    Red Astro will steal your Alchiems. Use Gravity Sticks to pin him to the ground and make your escape!
  • Extra Lives

    Find and collect Extra Life helmets hidden in the caves.
  • Gravity Sticks

    Gravity Sticks are awarded when you gain an extra life - one per extra life. Use them to make monsters fall, activate by shaking the device. Gravity sticks are deployed at Astro Charlie's feet. Especially helpful for escaping Red Astro who will steal the precious alchiems from your grasp!
  • Wind Tunnel
    Look for the wind tunnel. The winds can lift you up and cushion your fall, but ... be careful about which way you jump ...
  • Teleports

    These will teleport Astro Charlie to another room if he makes contact with them. Watch out for a hard landing!
Enhanced Mode
The following features are only available in Enhanced Mode.
  • Giant Moon Worms

    The Giant Moon Worms guard the Moon Gloves. They can only be defeated using the Moon Gun.
  • Moon Gun

    Find the Moon Gun to defeat the Giant Moon Worms in order to get the Moon Gloves.
  • Moon Gloves

    Before you can collect Alchiems you must liberate the Moon Gloves from the Giant Moon worms.
  • Map
    Tap anywhere in the playable screen (other than Astro Charlie or the info and menu icons) to bring up the map. The map is color coded to help you find your way around. Your current room has a glowing box around it, and your current destination has a color cycle effect. Rooms that you have already visited are shown as a solid color. The map shows the possible locations of the Moon Mole, as well as the Alchiems, Additional Lives and so on.