Monday, November 8, 2010 reviews Nodes, makes anagrams.

There's a decent review over @

Note that contrary to the article, you do in fact get infinite continues; should you die, you can click resume from the main menu and continue from where you were.


  1. Whoops. Have corrected the error - I actually tried to check at one point, but it was so hard to get myself killed I gave up...

  2. Thx Stu.

    Wrt scoring, there is in fact a score system, which uses OpenFeint. You are awarded a "Percent Complete" score when you finish a game (either by dying or actually completing the game), and into this is factored the number of lives you "use". So, the more times you continue, the lower your overall score will be. There are actually four high score tables, 2 each for classic and enhanced mode, one in each difficulty setting.